Treadmill for Sale in Nairobi

Treadmills are a nice addition if you are looking to get started with your fitness journey at home. Even better if you get the best treadmill for sale in Nairobi. You are sure to get workout in whenever and at whatever time. 

Treadmill for Sale in Nairobi

Why a Treadmill for Sale in Nairobi?

There are a number of reasons why you should get a treadmill. They include but are not limited to:

1. You can get a workout in whenever you feel like it. You can workout in the morning, before going to work, workout during your lunch break, if you remote or even late at night when you cannot sleep. 

2. It is cheaper than a family gym subscription. A family of three will most probably pay about Kes 15,000 per month for a gym subscription. Translated to 10-months that's about Kes 150,000. That is more expensive than getting a free bench, the Intuition T-500 multi-functional treadmill, and the 50kg adjustable set. 

3. You can use it to run, or use it to walk. I actually recommend walking as it is a low intensity workout that you can use for multiple workouts. 

Treadmill price in Kenya

And with that here are treadmills for sale in Nairobi

1. Merc V6 -  Best Overall Treadmill 

2. Intuition T-500 - Multi functional treadmill - Most Affordable and a massager is included. 

3. Bodystrong JB 6800 - Best Commercial Treadmill

4. Merc V7 - Best Semi commercial treadmill. Best for small gyms and apartment gyms

You can also visit our shop and check out the rest of the items we have on sale.

Happy shopping 

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